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Question about Sleeping with Bread

Jan 22nd, 2010 - Posted by Eden Customer about Sleeping with Bread Subscribe Answered Product 216 views


What is the book Sleeping with Bread about?

Posted by Eden Customer  
1 Answer
Teresa Cooke
Teresa Cooke
September 23rd, 2013 at 11:09AM • Respond

<p>The book Sleeping with Bread is based around asking the reader two questions:</p>
<p>What am I most grateful for? and</p>
<p>What am I least grateful for?</p>
<p>These questions help to identify times of consolation and desolation, this process if referred to as the examen by author Dennis Linn.</p>
<p>For a very long time now, these questions have helped people find direction in their lives. This book is presented in a way that makes is useful for families and friends to view together so everyone can apply these thoughts to day to day life.</p>