Telling Children The Christmas Story

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Every year Christian parents ask themselves the same question – what should I buy my kids for Christmas? But inside they are playing tug of war:

Do I ...

a)    buy my kids the latest gadgets and gizmos,
b)    buy my kids a book which tells and explains the birth of the Saviour of the World! or
c)    give in and buy a handful of gift vouchers

So how can you, a concerned Christian parent, pass down the real meaning of Christmas to your kids before it’s too late? To save you precious time, effort and the migraine induced shopping chaos – we’ve hand-picked our favourite books that tell the Christmas story to different age groups. We hope this helps.

For Babies and Unborn Babies

Praise Baby CD’s & DVD’s:

•    Colourful animation and cheery worship music to stimulate a babies mind
•    “This was a gift and is now practically part of the bed-time routine. I've since bought this for friends who also love it. I highly recommend it.” – Karen, review
•    “All in all a wonderful product. We have bought the collection for all our friends and family.” – Matt, review

Age Range: 0 – 3 years old (but also a good gift for unborn babies)

Christmas Message: ‘Joy to the World’ is the Christmas themed Praise Baby CD & DVD, which includes Christmas music, carols, sights and sounds.

Baby Jesus Board Book:

•    Simple retelling of the nativity story
•    Baby-friendly pictures and text
•    Interactive, colourful tabs help to tell the story

Age Range: 1 – 3 years old

Christmas Message: With smiling sheep and stand-out tabs, this easy-to-read story is both enjoyable and memorable for the youngest of children.

For Preschoolers

See & Say Baby Jesus Board Book:

•    Interactive story with rich illustration
•    Helps speech by linking sounds of words with pictures
•    “A Fantastic fun and colourful book that will get any child interacting with the baby Jesus story.” – Sarah, review

Age Range: 2 – 4 years old

Christmas Message: Moo with the cows, sing with the angels, gasp with the shepherds and clip-clop with the donkey. Helps your young children use their imagination within the nativity story.

Saint Nicolas DVD:

•    Veggie Tales explain Christmas – without ruining the illusion of Father Christmas
•    Join Laura Carrot as she discovers how giving presents at Christmas time began
•    Running Time: 50 minutes
•    “A very good video for Christians about the true origin of Santa Claus. Extremely appropriate for children who still believe.” – Julie, review

Age Range: 3 – 7 years old

Christmas Message: This Veggie Tales Christmas DVD mixes both Christmas stories with honesty and integrity, with the ending message encouraging children to joyfully give because God gave us his son.

For Ages 3-6

Pens Christmas Book:

•    Christmas story with 5 days of devotional activities to help your child think about the story
•    Each day includes a Bible verse, an extra story, a fun question, and a short simple prayer
•    Excellent little book to encourage parent and child spiritual interaction

Age Range: 3 – 6 years old

Christmas Message: Read through the book 5 times, each time finishing with a different devotional which will teach them about Jesus being God’s present to us, obedience, Jesus being our friend, everyone can come to Jesus and to remember Jesus on Christmas day.

What’s Christmas? Mini-Book:

•    Charming storytelling and beautiful illustration
•    A hare, a walrus, a puffin and a boy each tell the inquisitive Snow Bear a section of the nativity story when she asks – what’s Christmas?
•    Creative twist for telling the nativity story through a child’s eyes

Age Range: 4 – 6 years old

Christmas Message: Snow Bear discovers that Christmas is the King’s birthday. At the very end of the story – Old Polar explains Christmas is Love, God’s love for us.

For Ages 6-8

Christmas Activity Pack:

•    Learn the Christmas story through activities
•    64 pages of puzzles, dot-to-dots, hidden objects, colouring pages and fun pictures
•    Will keep children engaged by journeying through the story

Age Range: 6 – 8 years old

Christmas Message: Doesn’t contain a ‘message’, but is a good way to help your children reflect further on the nativity story through the various activities.

The Fox’s Tale Book:

•    Follow a hungry fox as it tells their version of what happened in Bethlehem
•    If your child has heard the Christmas story over and over, this bushy tale offers a fresh, captivating look at the over-told nativity scene. 
•    Written by Nick Butterworth, creator of ‘Animal Tales’

Age Range: 6 – 8 years old

Christmas Message: The fox follows the shepherd’s journey to Jesus, catching a glimpse of the Saviour’s birth. The finishing thought focuses on what your response to Jesus will be?

For Ages 8-10

A Christmas Journey Book:

•    The complete story explaining why Jesus was born – beginning at creation, explaining the fall and telling the entire Christmas story
•    Expertly explains a complete picture of God’s plan, and where Jesus’ birth fits into the puzzle
•    Includes a glossary, explaining difficult words like Emmanuel, Manger and Roman Rulers
•    “… gain so much more than just another Christmas time story as they journey through history and explore God's great purposes.” – Emma, review

Age Range: 7 – 11 years old

Christmas Message: Finishes the extensive, well-written and engaging story with a reminder that although Christmas is over, Jesus continues to show us his Love. Is also a beautiful book to read aloud to younger children too.

Buck Denver Asks... Why Do They Call It Christmas? DVD:

•    Explains ‘why we call it Christmas’, and other questions such as which came first – Christmas or Hanukah’ and ‘what do Christmas Tree’s have to do with Jesus’.
•    Both hilarious and educational (even adults will laugh out loud and learn something new)
•    “Absolutely spot on - informative and fun and a clear presentation of the gospel … Highly recommended.” – John, review

Age Range: 4 – 10 year olds

Christmas Message: There is a clearly explained gospel message when Buck Denver explains the name ‘Emmanuel’ (which means God with us) in a way every child can understand.

15th November

November 15th, 2012 - Posted & Written by James Warwood

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