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Passion church founder and dynamic worship leader, Louie Giglio uses captivating visual images and powerful music to reveal the true majesty and all embracing love, grace and power of a truly personal God.

In his latest Passion Talks DVD, 'Symphony: I Will Lift My Hands',  the life changing impact of Louie Giglio’s message is in his ability to speak directly to the heart and the head of his listeners at the same time.


We are living in a relationship with God that is beyond our ability to process” - Louie Giglio

As a worship leader, Louie has the passion and emotional connection to present the love, grace and power of God. As an enthusiastic astronomer and teacher, he has the knowledge and skills to present the facts and convince his listeners.


NEW: Symphony - I will Lift My Hands

New for 2012, Louie Giglio releases his latest Passion Talks DVD ‘Symphony: I will lift my hands’ recorded live on Chris Tomlin’s ‘And if Our God is for Us’ tour. Through Chris's song, Louie returns to his ministry of connecting the creator to each one of his creation.


Worship experience with Bible teaching

More a live worship experience with compelling Biblical truths, Passion Talks DVDs feature direct teaching from the Passion Movement's founder and leading pastor, Louie Giglio.

Using striking images and powerful worship music, Louie’s expressive style reveals not only the majesty of God in creation, but connects all that limitless glory through God's love and grace to every viewer.


The Heart of Passion: 4 DVD collection

Passion Talks DVDs act as sort of worship funnel that continually references the indescribably greatness of God, and channels all of that power into an experience love and grace at a personal level.

Newly presented as 'The Heart of Passion' compilation, each of the 4 DVDs in this Passion Talks collection of live worship with teaching hashelped connect the life changing power of God to churches, schools, colleges and prisons.

If there’s a hope for the series, it's to jar us out of the hum-drum ‘oh yeh’ Chrsitanity that a lot of us drift into." - Louie Giglio


How Great is Our God

Recorded on Chris Tomlin's ‘How Great is Our God’ tour, Louie Giglio reveals how the God who spoke the universe into being created, knows, cares for and is intimately connected with you and everything about do.



Recorded on Chris Tomlin’s ‘Indescribable’ tour, Louie uses images from the furthest reaches of our galaxy and beyond to illustrate his theme of a God whose power and majesty is intimately focused on every individual.


Hope - when life hurts most

God doesn't offer any easy solutions but does offer up the cross as an anchor of hope no matter what. Hope connects people in times of need, hurt and loss to the source of grace and love from a God who’s ever present.


Fruitcake and Ice Cream

Subtitled ‘an unlikely collision of friendship and grace’ Louie Giglio takes you through a college student’s diary on his journey to faith in which God’s capacity to forgive outshines doubt and shame with love and grace.


Twelve Words of Christmas

In this Passion Talks special, Louie Giglio returns to his key themes of God's goodness, grace and love to show how the message of Christmas the promises to guide you through the times of chaos in your life.

Grace is what changes everything… it’s what sets our story apart. It defines us; it reconnects us with God" - Louie Giglio


The University Moment

Louie Giglio's call to ministry is in his passion is for the significance of the "university moment" when opportunities to bring Christ into young lives is at its greatest.

The Passion Movement develops the worship climate of youth by helping to establish artists such as Chris Tomlin, David Crowder* Band, Matt Redman and The Rend Collective Experiment.


Louie Giglio: author snapshot

Louie Giglio – Passionate advocate for Jesus Christ with a fascination and love for everything he made. Communicator, founder and principle speaker of Passion Church, Atlanta, Georgia, Passion Conferences, 268 Generation and head of sixstepsrecords; recording label for Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman and the David Crowder* Band.

Author of many books including ‘The Air I Breathe: Worship as a Way of Life’, and ‘I Am Not But I Know I Am: Welcome to the Story Of God’. His Passion Talks DVDs are watched and heard by individuals and in churches, colleges and prisons around the world.


Quick Guide to Passion Talks - Louie Giglio

What are Passion Talks?

  • DVD based worship and teaching from passionate communicator Louie Giglio.
  • Focused on the greatness of God and his love and grace for the individual.
  • 40–50 minutes of direct Bible based teaching, worship and meaning for today.

What will Passion Talks do for me?

  • Give you intelligent, passionate and engaging worship/teaching.
  • Provide you with a resource that connects God’s greatness to the individual.
  • Offer you a discussion starter lively and relevant to students young people.

Over to You

At you can find a truly interactive Christian community helping you find all you need to live, learn and grow your faith.

Louie Giglio's DVD worship and teaching series brings the resources of Passion Talks and other ministries to a wider audience.

  • How can Sunday worship and teaching be made as engaging as DVD based ministries, is it just a question of technical resources, or is there more to it?

Tell us. Post your ideas, views and tips – Beautiful, bizarre and brilliant at

29th February

February 29th, 2012 - Posted & Written by Les Ellison

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Passion Talks Series

Louie Giglio DVD talks featuring music by Chris Tomlin

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