'One in ten single men prefer iPads to women'

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Reported online is a poll that headlines 'One in ten single men prefer iPads to women'. The poll results showed that some 11% of single guys when given the choice of getting a new iPad would choose that rather than a new girlfriend.

Clearly this tells us one thing: those who worry that Apple shares are in danger of going south may be wrong! A product that is essentially a nice tool and nice toy rolled into one that in any mans eyes is better than having a girlfriend is some amazing product, or at least some amazing marketing has been done.

But, REALLY men, sort it out! An iPad is for Christmas not for life. A girlfriend may just turn into a lifelong partner who will support you, care for you, befriend you, feed you sometimes, possibly give you children one day, and generally give you an opportunity to become a better person. Maybe an iPad will require less from you than a girlfriend. But trust me, a woman can give you something to live for in a way that iPad never will.

That iPad you are so eager for will last a few years. But will you still be happy with it in twenty years or more? Somehow I doubt it! Perhaps some of you see your girls the way you see your devices...made a mistake like so many other people, bought a blackberry last year now I know I want an iPhone now. You shouldn't be so fickle with women..it's not meant to be so much about getting a girlfriend ANYWAY. Try instead to think for once about what you might've able to give to a girl.

Now I like my Apple devices. I could perhaps even say I loved them. But as the pain of being apart for even a couple of days tells me, I love my wife in a whole different way! How tragic it is that ANY man could even consider an iPad as a substitute for real love.

Of course the poll has to be distorted, biased. It was done by an online casino for goodness sake. Most people who ticked the box can't have really meant what they said. But if even one of them did mean what they said then this post was worth writing. Men, lazy men, sort it out!

Get off your backside, put down the iPad, the Xbox controller and pursue a woman as God intended it. No I don't mean be a stalker, I mean woo a woman. I mean figure out how to show love to her in the way God intended you to. It's not a game, it's life and death. But, apply the same dedication you would to passing the levels of your games. Each level of relationships is more challenging and more rewarding than the one before. What are you, some kind of wimp that you are too scared to even start, or you keep quitting after only completing the early beginners levels like say, speaking to her?

The sad thing is, many of us demonstrate a lack of interest in our partners by paying too much attention to the gadgets when we are with them. Maybe far fewer single men prefer an iPad to a new woman. But how many of us sometimes by our actions when we have these gadgets make our wives feel that we think they are not as imortant as whatever it is we are doing.

Never take your iPhone, iPad or any other device out when you are on a date for goodness sake! And make sure that if you are already married you have plenty of times (mealtimes being a great place to start!) where gadgets are put down and real love rather than the pixelated kind is given the chance to flourish!

Adrian Warnock is the author of Raised with Christ: How the Resurrection Changes Everything, and blogs regularly at www.adrianwarnock.com

30th April

April 30th, 2012 - Posted & Written by Adrian Warnock

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The Cross Christian

The Cross Christian

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I suggest checking the poll's source and make a call on its meaningfulness before getting exercised about this. 600 people on an online casino?

Monday, 30th April 2012 at 10:47PM

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