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In 1975, Arthur L. Farstad and 130 other Bible scholars set out to do more than create another English Bible, they set out to revive and renew the well loved tradition of the King James Version for today's Bible readers.

Seven years later, the translation committee followed their publication of a New Testament and Psalms with the first, complete, Revised Authorised Version in the King James tradition; now universally respected as the New King James Version (NKJV).


Where did the NKJV Bible come from?

NKJV Slimline Bible: Classic Companion

It all starts with the 1611 King James Version Bible. This, the first Authorised Version, was based on the ‘Byzantine text’, as used by the Greek-speaking churches known as the Textus Receptus or ‘Received Text’.

By the late nineteenth century many more manuscripts had been discovered. Most translations from about 1880 were based on a text drawn from these documents and known as the ‘Alexandrian Text’.

The majority these texts are in agreement but, unsurprisingly, there are some differences in words and their translated meaning.

Based on the majority consensus between the manuscripts, Bible scholars, including Dr. Arthur L. Farstad; later the executive editor of the New King James Version, compiled the ‘Majority Text’.

As scholars have proved, the ‘Majority Text’ is surprisingly similar to the traditional ‘Received Text’ used for the original King James and is a worthy foundation for the New King James.


What You’ll Love About The NKJV

NKJV Budget Reference Bible: Giant Print

What makes the NKJV unique – and familiar, is its return to recognisable language and meaning of the original KJV. Committed to word-for-word accuracy, the NKJV always declares any differences between the Greek texts in the marginal notes.

It’s a sign of the NKJV’s reliability that eighty-five percent of its New Testament text is the same in the Textus Receptus, the Alexandrian Text, and the Majority Text.


What You'll Find in New NKJV Bibles

My advice, when you’re choosing a new Bible in any translation, is to look at what’s new. This way you benefit from the latest biblical scholarship and resources, the most up to date covers and styles, plus Eden’s best deals and free delivery offers.

My top choices for new NKJV Bibles of the moment are:

NKJV Slimline Classic Companion Bible – Something special for you or a gift for another. This pocket sized Bible is smart enough for the briefcase and small enough for the pocket and purse. In a choice of colours, handsome bonded leather covers and a secure clasp fasten, it also has the words of Christ printed in red.

NKJV Giant Print Budget Reference Bible – With soft feel, leather like covers and a practical combination of key features to enhance your Bible reading, this 14 point giant print edition gives you the Bible’s familiar tone supported with serious scholarship resources in a range of modern and traditional colours.

NKJV One Year Bible

NKJV Gaither Homecoming Devotional Bible – A full colour Bible of enriched landscapes, lyrics, poetry and personal testimony from Gaither music artists and great thinkers, preachers and writers of the faith. A Bible for the bedside and coffee table, the Eden ‘look inside’ feature alone will persuade you of its worth as a Bible to own or give.

NKJV One Year Bible Paperback – Read through the entire Bible with daily 15-minute readings from the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs. The poetic language with its KJV heritage is presented for you day by day and in a lightweight, easy to read 9 point print size, economically priced paperback.


Surprise yourself with what the traditional yet refreshing words of the NKJV have to offer: Click on this link and go straight to Eden’s Choice of New King James Version Bibles.

To find out more about the fascinating history behind the Bible you love to read, here’s something new: The Lion Concise Atlas of Bible History. - Les Ellison

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February 1st, 2013 - Posted & Written by Les Ellison

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