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We take a look at the different Christianity Explored courses, and what each one of them explores

Explored Series

Something we all need more of these days is good news, meaning and purpose, and direction in life. Finding any those is difficult. No one is born with an in-built roadmap to finding the shape their lives must take, and often never find places where they are free to  ask the big questions of ‘Why am I here?’ or ‘How can my life find meaning?’.

Providing not just a curriculum for understanding Christianity, but also a space to think and discuss the deep, life-changing questions that quietly sit in the corner of the mind, the ‘Explored’ courses share a hope and way to meet Jesus. They offer people the chance to find other people dogged by the exact same questions, doubts, and thoughts of what it all means.

The results of being a beacon to the lost and purposeless are, Christianity Explored Ministries are threefold; to help them:

LOVE the good news

People are captivated by Christ and what he has done

LIVE the good news

People live lives that glorify God

TELL the good news

People communicate their faith in Jesus clearly and relevantly from the Bible

Everything they do, every resource and group and outreach mission, is to point people into such a direction that their lives will never be the same again. And if you are considering either joining or hosting an Explored course, there are three on offer that you can choose from. Each one speaks to the different stages on an adventure of finding faith.


Christianity Explored

The original course, Christianity Explored asks people ‘What's the best news you've ever heard?’, and then challenges them to discover not just good news, but the best news. With an eye towards relevance and understanding, the six-session course covers:

Christianity Explored

Good News



The Cross



and more.

Each step walks individuals to a firm understanding of all Jesus achieved and why.

Set squarely in the story of the Gospel of Mark, Christianity Explored is designed to be an individual’s first point of contact with Christianity. It answers the simple question of ‘What is Christianity?’


Life Explored

Happiness is, for many, a destination without a journey; we all want it, but just don’t know how to get there. We look to recognition through money, acceptance through sex, status through material possessions, healing from the past through escapism. We try to meet our deep desires with surface pursuits and fail to recognise the absence at the heart of our ills.

Life Explored is that signpost to satisfaction. It relates faith to personal meaning, to the hows and whys of existence and purpose. It seeks to challenge the feeble places we put our faith, and the empty idols our of modern worship, instead asking us to explore the aspects of God that can bring contentment to our deep desires, and calm the depths of our despair. The different sessions of Life Explored examine:

Life Explored

The Good God

The Trustworthy God

The Generous God

The Liberating God

The Fulfilling God

The Life-Giving God

The Joyful God

For people looking for answers to existential angst, or wanting to apply the faith to life as it is lived, this follow-up course to Christianity Explored opens up questions in a relevant and engaging way.


Discipleship Explored

After better knowing faith in Christianity Explored, and better knowing how God can meet our needs in Life Explored, the question that remains is ‘what next?’

‘Where do we go from here?’

Discipleship Explored explores how to go forward in faith; to have Christianity be a part of who you are, and what that means. It is an eight-session exploration of the book of Philippians, that draws on the habits and aspects of a rewarding Christian life. It’s eight sessions are:

Discipleship Explored

Confident in Christ

Living in Christ

One in Christ

Obedient in Christ

Righteous in Christ

Transformed in Christ

Rejoicing in Christ

Content in Christ

It lays down the challenge that asks: ‘so you’ve found this life-changing love, who are you going to tell about it? And how will it change that way you live? Discipleship Explored shows the shape of a Christian life, of the demands following Jesus entail, and the rewards the come hand-in-hand.

Across three courses, the Explored series takes the participant for being beset by questions to wanting to live with a new direction, a new hope.  

To find out more about the ‘Explored’ resources on offer, visit our Explored Study Series department.

20th March

March 20th, 2018 - Posted & Written by Aaron Lewendon

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