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When it comes to studying the Bible it's often a struggle to work out where an event is taking place, what the geography is or the historical background of the place. So it’s really helpful when that information is collated and put together with photographic and detailed illustrations that can really bring to life a time and place.

One of the brilliant things about a Bible atlas is it’s a great place to start, if you are interested in a particular period of history or place or would just like to work out where in the world Paul actually went. We have pulled out a selection of Bible atlases some new and some favourites to run through what you can expect to find in the pages of these great Bible resources.

The Lion Concise Atlas Bible History

Brand new for this month is the Lion Concise Atlas of Bible History. Using the material taken from The Lion Atlas of Bible History released in 2006, this concise edition, with fresh cover and updated information, images and content is sure to be a winner. Taking the latest findings from historians and archaeologists the author Paul Lawrence has extensive knowledge in the field holding a PH.D and specialises in archaeology and the Bible. The Lion Concise Atlas of Bible History takes you from the beginning of time right through to the life of Paul and his ministry as you follow a chronological catalogue of Bible history. This edition features stunning illustrations from detailed maps, site plans and panoramic reconstructions and due to its concise nature is one for those looking for an easy and accessible way in to Bible background.

One-Stop Bible Atlas

One Stop Bible Atlas does exactly what it says on the tin, your one stop guide, easy to use and designed to both entertain and educate. Nick Page is renowned Christian author of over 70 books from children’s Bible stories to fiction but he is probably most commonly known for his works on the Bible, with his ability to communicate with ease for a wide variety of ages. Nick uses contemporary methods to map out Bible history including a panorama of Jerusalem today with 3D mapping relief.

Cover to Cover Bible Study Atlas

Using material from the bestselling Cover to Cover Bible study series is the all-in-one Cover to Cover Pictorial Bible Atlas which as the name suggests is packed full of more than 100 colour photographs and 24 topographical maps all held alongside Bible history. This Bible Atlas has been designed to accompany the Cover to Cover Bible which was itself updated earlier this year with the new NIV translation but can be used alongside any translation. The atlas begins with an introduction taking you through the Bible, Bible Lands and a bird’s eye view of the Bible. Enjoy touring round the sites of the Bible with this visually attractive atlas.

Zondervan Atlas of the Bible

This revision of the popular Zondervan NIV Atlas of the Bible, Zondervan Atlas of the Bible uses over 100 images and 3D imaging technology to product the highest quality of images to go alongside in-depth contextual information and historical background. With over 300 pages this hardback is a comprehensive study aid for all students of the Bible regardless of your preference of translation.

Each of these Bible atlases are packed full of visuals that will bring clarity and facts and information that will enrich your understanding of Bible times and places. So if this Christmas you are looking for the perfect gift for a theology student, personal student of the Bible or a family member keen to work out which bit of the desert Moses crossed then any of these would make a well loved gift.

23rd November

November 23rd, 2012 - Posted & Written by Anna Hockley

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