Cutting Edge: A History

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How a band thrown together for some youth gatherings became internationally renowned pioneers of modern Christian music - Delirious?

Youth Ministry

In the early 90s, the Cutting Edge youth events happened every summer in the small town of Littlehampton on the South coast of England. The band which we would come to know as Delirious? would play at these events - at the time they were simply a collection of five youth workers. Singing original songs, 'The Cutting Edge Band' became popular amongst the young people who attended the events. Each year more would attend the Cutting Edge events and experience live teaching and worship on the beach. By 1997, attendees numbered a phenomenal 8500.

Brief Band Biographies

Martin Smith is the easiest member of Delirious? to write a biography for as he was the 'front man'  and lead singer. Before the band came about, he worked as a sound engineer and youth worker, he has collaborated with a number of artists including Israel Houghton, Michael W. Smith and Darlene Zshech. Now he lives with his wife and six children, continuing to write songs and lead worship as well as working with the charity CompassionArt. The drummers Stew Smith and Paul Evans do graphic design and professional drumming, respectively. Jon Thatcher, Delirious?' bassist now designs websites, while guitarist Stu G continues to perform with new band 'One Sonic Society'. Finally, keyboard player Tim Jupp now organises 'BigChuchDayOut'.

The Cutting Edge Releases

Live recordings at the Cutting Edge youth events allowed those who came to take away memories of the live experience and share these with their friends. Four cassettes were released in this way: Cutting Edge 1, 2, 3 & 4. These cassettes featured some of the songs that would secure Delirious? lasting popularity both in secular and church circles.

Hits 'I Could Sing of Your Love Forever', 'Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble?' and 'I've Found Jesus' are featured on the original two disc Cutting Edge CD released in 1998. It was this CD that rocketed Delirious? to fame in the United States.

The Cutting Edge Tours

The year 1997 saw Delirious? start touring extensively across the UK, with a gig at Wembley, followed by gigs all along the south coast and north to Leeds and Manchester. These coincided with the release of their album, 'King of Fools'.

Fame Gain

Not even the band itself could have foreseen the success that was to follow from 1998, with the release of their albums 'd:tour' (Live, 1998), 'Mezzamorphis' (1999), Glo (2000) and 'Audio Lessonover?'(2001). During these years Delirious? toured throughout the UK, across Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the US and Europe. Incredibly, they gigged with Bon Jovi and Matchbox Twenty during this time.

Greatest Hits

Delirious? released their Greatest Hits album 'History Makers' in August 2009, with the double disc version featuring seven songs from the Cutting Edge release. These songs include 'Obsession', 'Find Me In The River', 'The Happy Song' and more. This strong representation of their earlier work is testament to its enduring quality and popularity with friends and fans alike.

The Cutting Edge Years CD

As a celebration of twenty years since their formation, Delirious? release 'The Cutting Edge Years'... the double disc album that harks back to their revolutionary beginnings.

30th March

March 30th, 2012 - Posted & Written by Peter Harrison

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