A Bridge To Fathers - getting dads off the subs bench and into the first team

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Even holy dad Joseph never quite made it into the church’s premier league. And when it comes to picking a side for the church’s bringing-up-the-kids championship squad, dads come a long way behind mums, grandparents, Sunday school teachers and ‘the experts’.

Suddenly – looking around for someone new to blame for the way church in particular and society in general is going, dads are being called off the subs bench and sent back into the game. With only injury time on the clock and nothing new from the critics and commentators, it’s time to let the dads out.

Finally admitting what dads knew all along – that strong families need strong dads, ‘Who Let the Dads Out’ is the nationwide roll-out of a tried and tested game plan to letting dads back into beautiful game of family life.

With two groundbreaking books ready to launch in spring this year, The Barnabas Foundation has taken up the challenge of playing dads right up front in a first team line-up. Giving dads the time and space to get creative with quality play, champions of the Chester based Hoole Lighthouse Centre give dads practical tips and encouragement for dads and children to get back in the game.

In two new books; ‘Who Let the Dads Out’ and ‘SODA – School’s Out Dad’s About’ expert player in the dads and children game, Mark Chester gives you everything you need to copy his success and start your own club for dads and children. Focused on supporting the particular needs and skills of male carers and their preschool children, Mark Chester’s books give you practical game plan for how to create a space where dads and kids can have fun together.

Tips and hints include how to give your space a masculine image; how to make it ‘bloke friendly’ and give men what they need to feel comfortable and welcome. Everything from what food works best and how to serve it to
what kind of activities men do best and how to organise them. There’s sensitive help with a parenting programme and how to make it acceptable to men. Also sorted is an outline strategy for exploring basic faith and spirituality specifically for dads and male carers.

Dads are the new heroes in the big screen action movie ‘courageous’. Recently released on DVD, independent Sherwood Film’s police action movie is strong themes supporting family and fatherhood. ‘Who Let the Dads Out’ is the practical answer to bringing about the long awaited return of dads to the status and value they deserve and resources they need and to back where they’re needed – right in the centre of the action.

Quick Guide to Who Let the Dads Out?

'Who Let the Dads Out?' - what is it?

  • Specifically designed for dads and male carers to engage with their children to play, learn and have fun together.
  • Practical ideas and resources for creating a masculine space where men feel comfortable.
  • Founded on principles of demonstrating God’s love in communities.

'Who Let the Dads Out?' - what will do for you?

  • Show you how to make dads and male carers feel welcome and comfortable in a safe, child friendly environment.
  • Give you ideas and resources for a mix of arts, crafts, toys, games and sports that dads will love to do with their children.
  • Help you understand the needs of dads and male carers and how to re-engage them with their children, their families and their faith.

Over to You

At Eden.co.uk you can find a truly interactive Christian community helping you find all you need to live, learn and grow your faith.

‘Who Let The Dads Out?’ is a response to the disengagement of dads from family, faith and community life. But no dad wants to be a bad dad, and no dad wants to be anything less than the best dad he can be.

  • Why do dads get such a bad press, what can be done in a church situation to make dads feel they’re valued and needed?
  • What do dads do best, how do you think they can be given the space and encouragement to just be dads?

Tell us. Post your ideas, views and tips - bizarre and brilliant at Eden.co.uk

4th April

April 4th, 2012 - Posted & Written by Les Ellison

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