Worship Devotional: creating the time and space for your spiritual growth

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New Worship Devotional gets you ready for the New Year with a refreshing and practical resource that finds the time and space for your daily devotional prayer, worship and real life application.

In the fast, busy life of today’s home and workplace, Worship Devotional gives you the resources and encouragement to find your own space. Finding the time and space to invest in your personal spiritual growth is easier when you can feel the good it does you right away.

Worship Devotional gives you the right atmosphere to focus your thoughts and prayers. A few moments for yourself each day is repaid with realistic and effective ways to apply your faith in your daily life right where you are.

Worship Devotional – a time for you, a time to grow

Worship Devotional is a new daily resource that’s practical, portable and creates for you the right atmosphere of worship, prayer and reflection wherever you are.

Worship Devotional is twelve small booklets each backed by 2CDs of the best in worship music. Easy to carry, each booklet is no bigger than a double CD case and has everything you need for a whole month of inspired and reflective devotion.

Worship Devotional designed for you in today’s busy, time stressed life. Each day’s devotion can be completed and absorbed in the time it takes to listen to the day’s worship track.

Worship Devotional – music makes any space is your worship space

Worship Devotional is the most complete and usable daily devotional. Using New International Version (NIV) Bible quotations and reproducing complete song lyrics, each month’s book is a one volume take-it-with-you devotional resource.

Each pocket sized devotional comes with a whole month’s worth of worship music on 2 CDs for your audio player, computer or download to your portable device.

A track a day from Stuart Townend, Tim Hughes, Lou Fellingham, Matt Redman and leading worship artists makes any space a place of worship and reflection

Worship Devotional - Easy to follow and put into practice

Each day’s single page displays the same easy to follow format. Straightforward and to the point with a clear and simple application to ordinary life at college, home or place of work.

  • Worship: Be uplifted. Listen to the deepest worship music from leading Christian artists. Let the music create for you the perfect devotional space to find those precious moments for yourself.
  • Reflect: Be Inspired. Follow the reproduced song lyrics or let the music connect you with each day’s scripture reflection. Find you the right words of strength, wisdom and peace for your day wherever you happen to be.
  • Pray: Be connected. Short, simple and honest. Ask for what you need and praise for what have. Prayers develop from each day’s theme leading you into a joined-up devotional experience.
  • Respond: Be enabled. Thoughts that put your devotion into real and practical action for your life situation. Straightforward ways for you to feel and show the benefit from your time apart with God.


Worship Devotional – time to grow for a whole year

Presented by Eden.co.uk as a complete year, Worship Devotional is an investment in your own spiritual growth or the gift of time to grow to a fellow Christian.

The cover of each month’s Worship Devotional shows a further stage of growth in the life of a young tree. From seedling to strength and maturity the images of roots and branches show how devotional worship must grow depth if it’s to grow spiritual fruit.

Worship Devotional is about encouraging you create the time and space for your own spiritual growth. The best in worship music, short and inspirational reflection, simple prayers and practical life application makes this the most complete daily devotional resource for your New Year.

Quick Guide to

Worship Devotional: twelve months in word and worship

Worship Devotional – what is it?

  • A new approach to creating time and space for personal devotion in a busy day any time, anywhere.
  • A simple and straightforward daily devotion of worship, reflection, prayer and response supported by the best in worship music.
  • A full year’s devotions presented in twelve, one month go-anywhere booklets each with 2CDs of music and a short page for each day.

Worship Devotional – why should I buy it?

  • To help create the time and space for your personal worship, reflection, prayer and response supported by the best in worship music.
  • To invest in your own spiritual growth and renewal with a resource you can take with you wherever you go or happen to be.
  • To encourage another to deepen their own spiritual experience with short, worship music inspired reflection and a practical response.
8th February

February 8th, 2012 - Posted & Written by Les Ellison

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