Indescribable DVD - Louie Giglio's magnificent tour of the universe

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Louie Giglio’s trademark combination of live worship and Bible lecture gives you, your house fellowship, study group or church a magnificent tour of the universe with a most unexpected destination.

Using the latest technology and images from NASA, the International Space Station and the Hubble Space Telescope, the latest in Louie’s live Passion Talk series reveals much more than the sheer beauty of creation beyond our little planet.


Primary purpose of the Universe

‘If the universe is simply a habitation for you and me,' argues Louie Giglio, 'then it's way over size. But,’ he asks, ‘What if it’s primary purpose is to show off the splendour and majesty and the greatness and the glory of the God who created it all?’

If that’s true, Louie continues, ‘then it’s not too big at all – it’s just about the right size!’


Sights and sounds of creation

Indescribable DVD’s 40 minute run is packed with images as beautiful as any artist could design, and facts that no fiction writer could imagine.
Louie’s knowledge and passion for both for God and for his creation, keeps even the least scientifically minded engaged with his journey into the splendour of the universe. There’re even sounds in rhythms of the stars that filled the heavens from the instant of their creation.


Astronomical Grace!

Originally titled ‘Astronomical Grace’, Louie’s passionate, engaging delivery takes us deeper and deeper into the created universe.

Studded with memorable scientific facts and gems of information, Louie tells us that, 'if we counted all the stars in the fragment of the universe that we call home; the Milky Way galaxy, and numbered them at one per second it would take 2,500 years just to count them!'


Unexpected destination

Just when you think there’s no more to explore, Louie and his brilliant images take a completely unexpected turn – toward a new destination even more inspiring than all that went before.
His final surprising image and message is at first shocking and then, humbling. This is not a creationist platform – the science is given serious attention. Louie’s presentation builds on the science with an impact to silence critics and cynics of a God with a purpose in creation.


Indescribable: the photo book

A passionate, professionally presented talk, study aid and discussion starter that will have a significant impact on youth groups and younger audiences.

Louis Giglio’s 'Indescribable' DVD is complemented by a full colour coffee table gift book available from in hardback and soft covers.


Indescribable DVD: the not-so-trivial files

One of Louis Giglio’s indescribable photos was taken by the Voyager Space Probe. 6 billion kilometres (almost 4 billion miles) from Earth scientists ordered it to make one last record of the Solar System. Each pixel of the 60 pictures composed of 640,000 pixels each took 5.5 hours to reach Earth.


Louie Giglio: author snapshot

Passionate advocate for Jesus Christ with a fascination and love for everything he made, Louie Gigglio is the founder and principle speaker of Passion Conferences, 268 Generation and sixstepsrecords.
Proclaiming; “Your name and renown are the desire of our souls,” (Isaiah 26:8), Louis Giglio is a pastor of Passion City Church, Atlanta, Georgia with worship leaders Chris Tomlin and Matt Redman.

His influential Passion Tours are all about firing a spiritual awakening in what Louie calls the 'University Moment' in this generation of students.

Sixstepsrecords launches new Christian singers and songwriters and provides a home label for established artists including Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, The Rend Collective Experiment and David Crowder* Band.

Quick Guide to Indescribable DVD - Louie Giglio

What is it?

  • Live recorded worship and teaching based on a photographic tour of the universe.
  • Call to acknowledge the God who made the universe, his greatness and his sacrificial love.
  • Meaningful, purposeful and challenging worship and Bible teaching combination.

What will it do for me?

  • Provide an entertaining and informative tour of the universe and the wonder of God’s creation.
  • Give you a discussion starter for youth groups, home fellowships and Bible studies.
  • Make a gift that speaks passionately and intelligently of God’s great love and sacrifice.

Over to You

At you can find a truly interactive Christian community helping you find all you need to live, learn and grow your faith.
The creation of the universe is often seen as the battleground between scientists and men and women of faith.

  • Is there common ground between science and faith in a creator God, can you believe in what science ‘proves’ and what faith ‘requires’?
  • Exactly what does faith require, and what’s your experience of trying to explaining God’s role in a universe that shows his handprint but not his hand?

Tell us. Post your ideas, views and tips - bizarre and brilliant at

1st March

March 1st, 2012 - Posted & Written by Les Ellison

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