Christian Autobiographies - trials and triumph in the lives of men and women told in their own words.

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The Oxford Dictionary defines autobiography as ‘an account of a person’s life, written by that person’.

A Christian autobiography might be defined as ‘an account of a person’s extraordinary life, written by that same ordinary person’. Even with book sales skewed by Advent, it’s Billy Graham’s autobiography, ‘Nearing Home’, that tops the Christian non-fiction bestsellers list.

Who writes Christian Autobiography?

If you’re keeping a daily diary, you’re writing your autobiography. If you blog, tweet about yourself or keep your Facebook account up to date then you’re writing your autobiography.

Most people write about themselves just to keep a record. Some write to get what happens to them into perspective. Few write with any intention of sharing their doings and rarely with an audience beyond their immediate circle.

From the very first pen or key stroke, there are some whose only purpose is to sell what they write to anyone who’ll buy the book or pay for the serialisation rights. These autobiographies often prove damaging to the lives and reputation of people known to the writer.

Christian-authored autobiographies are usually published with intention of having a positive, enriching influence in the life of the reader.

Who reads Christian Autobiography?

With so many autobiographies in the hardback bestsellers list, a lot of people clearly do. Or a lot of people buy them, which might not be the same thing.

Autobiographies of the great, the celebrated, the influential and the down right scandalous are irresistible to readers who ‘want to know the truth’ – implying there is a ‘truth’ and it’s been kept from the readers… until now.

If autobiographies were just an account of a life – what they did at school, where they went on holiday, when they had their appendix out few readers would really care. The ‘truth’ readers want to know – those who aren’t just out for titillation or scandal is that underlying why, and how that affected the world of the writer and, ultimately, the world of the reader.

Christians writing their autobiography usually intend their writing to encourage their readers in finding God in the trials and challenges of their own lives, and to enlist their readers support in the causes championed by the writer.

Where to find Christian Autobiography?

To help you find what you’re looking for, at Christian biographies are listed under the headings: autobiography, Biblical biography, general biography and autobiography.

Under autobiography alone, you’ll find more than 200 listed titles. A quick scan down the list will bring up some names you’ll recognise, and maybe you’ll want to read their story in their own words. More of the other biographies in other articles.

Other names might be completely new, but the book’s cover will tell you something of the issues and experiences that made their lives such an extraordinary test or triumph of faith.

What’s good to read in Christian Autobiography?

New autobiographies giving first-hand insight and inspiration for your walk of faith are being published all the time.

For the latest in current, new and future Christian autobiographies click the books tab at and follow the links through Christian Biography to Autobiography. You’ll find plenty to choose from.

Or… let do the work for you. Click on the books tab, and then bestsellers. Often the name alone on the cover of a bestselling autobiography will tell you what to expect, and what reading it will do for you.

What can Christian Autobiography do for me?

How the famous and not so famous faced and endured extraordinary challenges can be encouraging, reassuring, inspiring and even life changing. Sometimes it’s just enough to know that you’re not alone in your own trials of life.

To help you find a Christian autobiography that might say something to your life of faith and spiritual growth, here’s just a few of the titles available at, and something about the trials and triumphs of the men and women who wrote them.

Christian autobiographies at the trials and triumphs of ordinary men and women and their extraordinary lives told in their own words.

  • Endurance against the odds: Miracle in the Mine by Jose Henriquez - Strength and survival in the Chilean mines
  • Personal tragedy and faith in loss: Choosing to SEE by Mary Beth Chapman - A journey of struggle and hope.
  • Conversion and finding faith: Pride and Perjury by Jonathan Aitken - The rise and fall of a political giant.
  • Life, faith, mission and fulfilment: Nearing Home by Billy Graham - Thoughts on life, faith, and finishing well.
  • Failure, faith and starting again: Me Myself And Bob by Phil Vischer - dreams, God and talking vegetables.
  • Transformation and restoration: One Step Beyond by Gram Seed - One man's journey from near death to new life.

Quick Guide to - quick guide Christian Autobiography

Christian Autobiography - what is it?

  • A person’s life story or experiences that challenged or confirmed their faith and written by that same person.
  • Real life trials and triumphs in the lives of the men and women and how their faith supported them or survived the test.
  • Written to encourage, comfort or challenge others in their walk of faith.

Christian Autobiography - why would I buy it?

  • To find encouragement, reassurance and inspiration in the trials and triumphs of another’s faith.
  • To know that you’re not alone in your own trials of life and faith.
  • As a gift to encourage, comfort or reassure another in their walk of faith.


Over to You

What about you?

At you can find a truly interactive Christian community helping you find all you need to live, learn and grow your faith.

  • Do you keep a diary that you consider your true autobiography of your faith and would you ever show it any one else?
  • Have you found encouragement, comfort, challenge or reassurance in the autobiography of another and what was it about their experience that connected with yours?

Tell us. Post your ideas, views and tips - bizarre and brilliant at

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