Christ and the Chocolaterie - by Hilary Brand: A Lent course from the movie 'Chocolat'

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Hilary Brand is skilled and experienced in using the visual impact of art and film to explore Bible themes and their life changing application. In ‘Christ and the Chocolaterie’ Hilary takes the story and characters of the movie ‘Chocolat’ to explore what it means to be truly and completely human as God intended.

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Based on the story and characters of the Oscar nominated film ‘Chocolat’ - famously starring Juliette Binoche, Hilary Brand’s ‘Christ and the Chocolaterie’ relates passages from the Bible to scenes and themes from the film.
Setting out five group sessions for each week of Lent, ‘Christ and the Chocolaterie’ takes events from the film and relates them to key Bible message of Lent. Recognising Lent as a chance to embrace change and renewal, Hilary’s meditations lead into private thought or group discussion around the daily challenge of growing, giving and getting real with life.
Criticised by some for being a film that attacks the church and its traditions, Hilary Brand successfully turns those criticisms on the head with an analysis of the film and relating it what the Bible says. Given the movie’s popularity and that it’s not an overtly a supporter of Lent and Christianity, this course may be just right for those ‘allergic’ to church and Bible study.
The course begins its themes of life change with the first step – giving up the old ways. But this is not a call to self destroying austerity. Rather it’s laying the foundation for truly fulfilling life of giving generously, getting real and finally indulging ourselves almost greedily on the goodness that life in the resurrected Christ gives.
Remembering the traditional association of Easter with chocolate, ‘Christ and the Chocolaterie’ concludes with ideas for truly festive Easter celebration and the curious history of chocolate. Returning to the theme of life change, this time on a global scale, the book ends with a practical consideration of the unfair economics of the chocolate trade and its consequences. author snapshot: Hilary Brand
Hilary Brand is a freelance writer specialising in the power of visual imagery to explore faith. Her books include ‘Art and Soul’; co-written with Adrienne Chaplin (Piquant), ‘A Sceptic’s Guide to Reading the Bible’ (BRF) and ‘What Am I Doing Here’; with cartoonist Dave Walker. Her 2012 Lent course ‘Finding a Voice’ is based on the award winning movie ‘The King’s Speech’.

Quick Guide to

Christ and the Chocolaterie - what is it?

  • A Lent course based on the Bible and related scenes and characters form the movie ‘Chocolat’.
  • Five weekly sessions focusing on life change and what it means to be truly human as God intended.
  • Personal and group studies and meditations exploring giving up the old ways, getting a new vision, giving generously and getting real with life.

Christ and the Chocolaterie - why should I want it?

  • To experience the season and traditions of Lent with a new focus on the good things that a life changed for Christ gives.
  • To lead a Lent course written to engage those who might not otherwise share in a group Bible study or approach the subject of a life lived in Christ.
  • To provide a new and imaginative centre for private mediations and devotions through Lent.

Over to You

At you can find a truly interactive Christian community helping you find all you need to live, learn and grow your faith.
The book and the movie ‘chocolat’ were criticised in some quarters for being anti-Christian and anti Christian tradition.

  • Have you seen the movie and do you agree or challenge these views, is anti-Christian and anti Christian tradition the same thing or different?
  • Have you used the Christ and the Chocolaterie Lent course, how was it received and what was your view of the film before and after the course?

 Tell us. Post your ideas, views and tips – beautiful, bizarre and brilliant at

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February 1st, 2012 - Posted & Written by Les Ellison

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