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F: Catholic Order of Mass - New English Translation
Differences between the old and new English Translations
Keywords: The New Roman Missal (Third Edition). New Roman Catholic Order of Mass (Third Edition). New English Translation of the Roman Missal.
On the first Sunday of Advent Sunday, The new Roman Catholic Order of Mass (Missal) became the standard text for the Celebration of the Mass in Roman Catholic churches of the English speaking world.
On Advent Sunday 2011, the New Order of Mass (Third English translation Edition) replaced the Second Edition, used in Roman Catholic churches since 1975. The New Order Missal, including The Gloria, Creed, Eucharistic Prayers and people’s responses is intended to return the text to a more literal (rather than equivalent) English translation of the original Latin.
The translators of the new edition were charged with revising the liturgy toward a more precise rendering of the Latin original. Previous English editions used a ‘dynamic equivalence’ translation method to give a down-to-earth and up-to-date Mass, readily accessible to ordinary people.
Some of the changes in the New Order Catholic Mass (Roman Missal) are intended to promote the active participation in meaning of everything that happens in its celebration.
The new translation adopts a more word-for-word method returning the text to a more formal style and aiming for an authentic connection with the Latin original. In some instances changes in the English words have been made to promote the ‘active participation’ of the people in the Mass.
For example, the translation of the Latin “Et cum spiritu tuo,” is translated in the Second Edition as the familiar response “And also with you.” In the 2011 edition the phrase appears with the strictly more accurate wording “And with your spirit.”
So in the new translation, the people’s response to the priest’s words “The Lord be with you” isn’t just a return of good wishes for the priest. The intention is that they express their active participation in a statement of faith – that the people, priest and Christ are joined at the spiritual level.
Other changes in the new Missal might result in a different view on meaning and intentions of the original text.
The English translation of the Gloria as “Glory to God in the highest, and peace to his people on Earth” is the well known from the earlier Missals. In the new Order of Mass, “his people” is narrowed to “people of good will.”  
The implication is that peace is only available for those who return to God. This might be considered closer to the words of the angels and make more sense of the Gloria’s position in the Mass after the Rite of Penitence.
Interestingly, somee changes have may impact not only on the celebration and meaning of the Mass, but also on the on its practical and moral application.
In the Creed, the new translation includes the phrase, “consubstantial with the Father” - Jesus is of the same divine substance as the Father.
The Creed continues with an affirmation that he came down from heaven, and by the Holy Spirit was “incarnate of the Virgin Mary and became man.” The Latin “et homo factus est” – and he became man is more accurately translated “and he became human”.
The implication is that Jesus became human not at his birth, but at the point of his conception. If Jesus, and so all of us, became a whole human being at the moment of conception, then may be even greater moral imperative for our responsibilities toward the unborn.
That said, the actual changes in the Latin text, of the 3rd Edition of the Roman Missal are relatively few in number. Mostly they include such things as expanded possibilities for Communion, and options for prayers commemorating those Saints canonized in the last 25 years. offers The New Order of the Mass in a range of editions for public and private devotions. Resources to support and augment the celebration of the New Order of Mass include weekday and Sunday resources for leaders, individuals and children. Quick Guide   - The New Roman Missal (Third Edition).
The New Roman Missal (Third Edition) – what is it?
The Roman Catholic New Order of Mass and English Translation beginning in Advent 2011.
The texts, music, prayers, readings and responses for celebrating the Roman Catholic Mass.
Available in special editions for Priests, concelebrants and private devotion.

The New Roman Missal (Third Edition) – why should I buy it?
To support and equip Priests to celebrate the Roman Catholic Mass throughout the year.
To help individual worshippers follow and understand the New Order of Mass.
To provide all the textual and musical resources for the New Order of Mass.

What about you?
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Sacred texts are often the Christians fixed point of reference in a changing world where language changes and changes its meaning. Sometimes it’s difficult to determine exactly what a text is meant say – even before trying to apply that meaning to everyday life.
Who do you think should have the last word on interpreting and applying sacred texts, is what the experts say more influential to what you understand?
How often should a sacred text be reviewed and reinterpreted, how should a believer respond when a new translation appears to alter the meaning?
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