Bethel Music or Jesus Culture: the two sides of Bethel Church, Redding worship music

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The new label 'Bethel Music' shows there's more to the exceptional musicainship of Bethel Church, Redding than their youth ministry brand label ‘Jesus Culture' known to worship music fans in their teens, twenties and thirties for hi-energy, arena-scale live-worship recordings.


Led by pastor Bill Johnson, Bethel Church, Redding California is a US mega-church with a worldwide influence on church culture in general and on its music in particularly. While youth pastor Banning Liebscher fires up a generation with arena-scale, band-fronted ‘Jesus Culture’ events, other Bethel Church’s musicians produce and perform for the mature, more discerning listener on the Bethel Music label. 

Bethel Music: the Bethel Church, Redding label that isn't Jesus Culture
The appeal of Bethel Music label is in the wide range of musicians who find their expression of faith through service at Bethel Church, Redding. Jesus Culture releases include their Chicago live album ‘The Awakening’. Bethel Music label artists include worship pastors Brian and Jenn Johnson. Singers and song writers, Brian and Jenn’s CD releases include the acoustic worship album ‘Love Came Down’. Both contribute on the new Bethel Live CD/DVD ‘Be Lifted High’.
Bethel Music’s William Matthews, vocalist on ‘Be Lifted High’ is a recording artist in his own right releasing his first album ‘Hope’s Anthem’ in 2011. ‘Be Lifted High’ features two of Matthews’ original songs. Alongside Matthews, former Vineyard youth pastor Jeremy Riddle also appears on ‘Be Lifted High’. Another solo recording artist with Bethel Music, ‘Furious’ is Riddle’s latest album also released in 2011.
Other musicians and solo recording artists including Amanda Falk (‘In Between the Now and Then’ – 2010) and Kristene Mueller-Dimarco (‘Those Who Dream’ – 2009) also make vocal, instrumental or written contributions to Bethel Music recordings.
New from Bethel Music: The Loft Sessions
In some ways the antidote to big arena-scale live worship recordings, The Loft Sessions offer a more intimate and thoughtful live music experience. Giving space for the exceptional musicians at Bethel Church, Redding to give of their un-plugged best, this is a collection sets the standard in the new and growing popularity of ‘acoustic’ worship music.
More in the style of Hillsongs ‘Chapel’ concept series, ‘The Lost Sessions’ is Bethel worship music for your personal space or for you to set the right atmosphere for small group gatherings and in more compact settings.
Other recent releases from Bethel Music include ‘Love Came Down’ with Brian and Jenn Johnson, and ‘Here is Love’ recorded live in worship at Bethel Church, Redding.

Quick Guide to

Bethel Music orJesus Culture
Bethel Music or Jesus Culture – what’s the difference?

  • Jesus Culture the label for the worship front band and for the youth outreach and worship ministry at Bethel Church, Redding. Jesus Culture music and worship is typically recorded live at major arena-scale youth events and conferences.
  • Bethel Music is the label for the whole range of styles and music from Bethel Church, Redding musicians. The label offers CD and DVD recordings of live church worship for a wider audience, and smaller venue ‘acoustic’ worship for listeners seeking a real connection with God and fellow worshippers.

Bethel Music or Jesus Culture – which do I want?

  • For the intense atmosphere of thousands of young people giving their all in wholehearted worship lead by Bethel Church youth pastors and worship leaders: choose Jesus Culture.
  • For a fresh take on live worship with a more varied and mature sound and for recordings by Bethel Church solo artists: choose Bethel Music.
  • For a more intimate style using acoustic music and recorded live in smaller worship spaces and for use in personal or small group devotions: choose Bethel Music.

Over to You

At you can find a truly interactive Christian community helping you find all you need to live, learn and grow your faith.
Bethel Music and Jesus Culture together give Bethel Church, Redding two labels to serve the Christian music market.

  • Do Christians need to be more aware of how the non-Christian world views different brands and labels, how can evangelists use different brands and labels to reach different sections of the population and community?
  • How brand and label conscious are you, are you put off from buying a book, CD or DVD if it appears on a brand or label associated with authors or bands you don’t normally like?

Tell us. Post your ideas, views and tips – beautiful, bizarre and brilliant at

7th February

February 7th, 2012 - Posted & Written by Les Ellison

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