5 Reasons to Introduce Prize-Giving in Your Church

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For some, the age old tradition of prize-giving has been and continues to be a celebration firmly in the calendar. But for others the idea of prize-giving is an alien concept. So what is a prize-giving and why is it a good idea to introduce it to your church?

Prize-Giving... What's That?

Prize-giving tends to be seasonal and usually follows the start or end of the academic year. Traditionally a prize-giving will be to reward children for their participation in a children’s or youth group. It can be adopted for any age from a toddler group to a youth group. Prizes can be given for attendance, particular achievements or general progress – obviously this is not an exhaustive list so feel free to comment on other ideas!

We have come up with 5 reasons to introduce prize-giving into your church if you have never tried it before.

1) Encourage the Children in Your Church for Their Hard Work

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One of the great things about doing a prize-giving is the smile on the child’s face when they receive a gift at the end of term. It’s an opportunity for the church to recognise their input and congratulate them on what they have learnt. It is also helpful to promote a sense of achievement and desire to keep going along and learning as the effort will be rewarded.

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2) Get Your Children into Reading

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For so many children the natural inclination once they get home is to run and turn on the TV/ Xbox/ Wii (insert the most applicable). But giving a child a book or Bible that will encourage them to read and get their imaginations going is an exciting opportunity for children’s leaders. Not only will it encourage the child to read in general but will help them when they are reading the Bible for themselves.

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3) Bring the Bible to Life

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Prize-giving is the perfect opportunity to get children excited about the Bible for themselves as they are given a free book to take home and read. All Sunday school teachers want the child to go home having learnt something more of God. By sending them home with a prize book they are instilling a sense that church and God are not just for Sunday but to be acknowledged and enjoyed whatever day of the week.

4) Getting Christian Books into the Home

It is likely that there will be children in your Sunday school/ Youth group that are not from Christian homes or will not have access to Christian books. It’s great to send the child home with an exciting and valuable book they will treasure and be proud to show their family. This may be the first instance the parents discover what their child has been learning this may lead to evangelistic opportunities.

Children's Bibles are a brilliant way of taking God's word into homes why not try the NIV Bible for Children featuring the full NIV text alongside illustrations from the Big Bible Storybook or if you are looking for a Bible for older children take a peek at the Children of God Storybook Bible.

5) Unite the Church through an All Age Celebration

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Churches with a diverse age range can sometimes struggle with engaging all members of the congregation from the very young to the couple who have been coming for the last 70 years.

Prize-giving can be a great way to engage all ages in the church – presenting to the children at the front of the church and explaining what they have been learning can give real encouragement to the whole church. It is also a chance to clearly demonstrate the nature of Church, one body united together in Christ; a truth for all ages!

So having given some ideas for why you might want to start doing Prize-giving at your church, feel free to comment below or add ideas you have found helpful when celebrating the children in your church.

18th June

June 18th, 2013 - Posted & Written by Anna Bunn

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