10 Ways to Connect with God Each Day

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When life is really busy, the phone never stops ringing, the dog needs walking, the essay needs finishing, it can be difficult to find a time in the day when you can spend quality time with God.
Thankfully there are lots of resources out there to help equip you to do this. We've pulled out some of the daily reading notes available that will help you to do a daily devotion regardless of how much time you have, style and level of difficulty.

Daily Bread Devotional

Daily Bread

•    Contributors: Wide range of writers from different backgrounds and perspectives.
•    Layout: Preparation question, Reading (not printed) with printed key verses, Explore section, a response and readings if you wanted to read the Bible in a year.
•    Simple to follow with helpful reflections, the studies can take 5-15 minutes.

Encounter with God

•    Contributors: Experienced Bible teachers
•    Designed for those seeking an in-depth knowledge of the Bible in a systematic way.
•    Runs as a duel programme to go through the Bible in a year or over 6 years.

Closer to God

•    Contributors: Collection of writers, most of whom are published authors.
•    Layout: Reading (not printed) only print the key verse, a reflection, questions and application and a prayer.
•    The studies are short and accessible.


•    Each devotion is designed to take 15 minutes
•    Layout: Reading (not printed),reflections and questions and a pray through box with suggested prayers.

Every Day With Jesus

Every Day with Jesus

•    One of the world’s most popular daily devotions.
•    Selwyn Hughes' reflections that have been updated and revised by editor Mick Brooks
•    Layout: Reading with a key verse printed, reflection, prayer and an optional further study section which gives other passages and questions.
•    Written for everyone, EDWJ gives a helpful explanation of the passage and leaves it up to you to explore further. The devotion itself could be read in 5-15 minutes depending on the reading.

Cover to cover

•    Contributors: Well known authors and leading ministers, each edition features 2 contributors.
•    Layout: Reading (not printed) and explanation of the passage.
•    Bi-monthly editions run through the Bible in a 5 year period as you go through each book, each weekend covers a Psalm.
•    Perfect for those who want to be led through the Bible in sizeable chunks.

Life Every Day

Life Every Day formerly Lucas on Life

•    Daily devotions from Christian author, Jeff Lucas
•    Layout: 2 Big Picture readings given (not printed) a focus verse, reflection and a prayer.
•    Conversational style with helpful applications this devotion could be more indepth if you wanted to read the suggested reading.


•    Contributors: A range of academics, ministers and writers or people who tick all of the above.
•    Layout: The reading (not printed) and reflection on that reading.
•    Readership is slightly more academic with more historical context and less practical application.
•    Guidelines gives a backbone study and anticipates that you go away and mull over what you have read for yourself.

New Daylight

•    Contributors: A mix of denominations, majority have a Church of England background.
•    They use a selection of translations.
•    Layout: Date, reading (not printed), thoughts and reflection.
•    The language used is accessible and can be read in 5 minutes or you could spend more time reflecting.

Upper Room

Upper Room

•    Contributors: Everyday people who want to share their experiences and reflections in a very down to earth nature.
•    A number of translations are used but you will need your own Bible as they only pick out and include a key verse from the passage.
•    Layout: Reading, reflection, prayer, Thought for the day
•    Easy to read and would take about 5-15 minutes depending on length of passage to read.

Spending time with God can take real discipline but should be a priority for Christians to spend time reading Gods word, reflecting, applying and praying, getting closer to and deepening your relationship with God. Not only does it help to focus yourself and fix your eyes on Him but also realigns you to Him on a daily basis.

8th March

March 8th, 2013 - Posted & Written by Anna Hockley

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