Choosing and Replacing Church Bibles

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The Word of God lasts for ever but the printed words eventually wear out and church Bibles need to be replaced or updated as times change.

With economical, easy to use Church Bibles, you can give everyone in your church the Bible in language they can read and understand. Able to follow the biblical foundation of the preacher's message, members of your congregation will feel more engaged and invovlved in the worship


Get the best Bibles for your church

Over the years your church audience may have changed and your church building may have changed - times and tastes have certainly changed. To stay relevant to your church fellowship church Bibles need to match your audience, situation and times

Even if you already have the right Bibles for your situation and people, well used Bibles do wear out eventually. If you’re looking to replace your stock of Church Bibles, there’ll be two main considerations that influence your choice: price and practicality.


Church Bibles needn't be expensive

The good news is that Bibles for church and pew are designed to be economical to purchase in quantity and robust to use regularly. Church Bibles from specialist suppliers like can be the most economical way to buy large numbers of the edition of your choice.

At you will find Bibles in every English translation from The King James Version (KJV) through The New International Version (NIV) and English Standard Versions (ESV) to the latest easy to read paraphrases such as The Message Remix - all in editions designed for use in churches.


Enabling a more engaged congregation

Just about every Bible translation is available in editions designed and produced especially for practical, low cost use in church. Choosing which edition is best for your church is about choosing what’s best for your congregation.

Knowing your congregation, thinking about what they need and how they’ll use their Bibles will lead you to making the right choice for your church. With an open Bible that they can hold and read easily, you'll enable your audience to engage fully with your Bible message.


How to choose and replace church Bibles

Finding the right Church Bibles for your congregation means understanding all their various needs and how they’ll use their Bible. To help you, here's a brief summary of the kind of things you might want to think about.

Every church situation will be unique. A quick look at this short list will help you make the right choice for your congregation. Every factor is worth thinking about although their relative importance will be different for every church.


  • Durability - Choosing an edition with pages and covers strong enough to survive the use you expect it to get over the time you expect it be useful will give the best value for money.
  • Relevance - English and its use changes over time.Choose a translation your congregation understands now, but be prepared to replace it when it becomes too old fashioned.
  • Convenience - The chances are it’s going to read by someone sitting down. trying to find the page quickly, balance it on their knees and deal with children or people sat close by.
  • Additional features - You might want to refer your congregation to maps, charts or other information during the Sunday service or in small group studies.
  • Storage - Shelf space is often in short supply and Bibles can be large and heavy. Choose an edition that you can store in the shelves, ledges or cupboard space you have available.
  • Appearance - Modern covers make Bibles look relevant while classic bindings add authority. You might want covers that blend in or stand out from your church environment.
  • Dedication - The cost of a wholesale replacement of Bibles is helped if some or all are donated or dedicated as an act of remembrance. Certificates of dedication can be included.


Special needs and requirements

No matter how much thought and care you put into choosing the right Bible for the majority, there will almost certainly be a minority with other needs or requirements.


  • Large print editions - Most church Bibles are available in large print editions enabling the whole congregation to follow the same text.
  • Children’s editions - Colourful children’s Bibles are best not only for separate Sunday school use, but to help children feel included in the general congregation.
  • Other language editions - The modern church serves an increasingly diverse population. Most Bible translations are available in the most widely languages other than English.
  • Multi-media editions - With modern technology it’s a relatively simple to project Bible texts onto large, easily viewed screens. Almost all Bible translations are available in this form.


Affordable and robust church Bibles

Just click on this link to Church Bibles to find the UK's best on-line choice of English translation Bibles, affordable and strong enough for everyday church use. Also at you'll find a choice of Bibles in other languages, including Polish Bibles and Spanish Bibles, frequently encountered and welcomed in today's multicultural and diverse churches.

Quick Guide to Church and Pew Bibles

What are they?

  • Economically priced and long lasting Bibles for use in church and in study groups.
  • Modern (NIV, ESV, etc) and traditional (KJV, etc) Church Bibles in a wide range of covers.
  • Mostly available in large print, easy to read and other special requirement editions.

What will they do for me?

  • Encourage your congregation to engage with and actively share in your Bible message.
  • Support members of your congregation with special reading or language requirements.
  • Provide your congregation with the resources to join with and understand the service.
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March 17th, 2012 - Posted & Written by Les Ellison

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