Bible Promises

In a world filled with lies and deceit, how can we really know truth? Bible promises are assurances from the Word of God that can be declared and trusted as truth. A promise is only as good as the one making the vow. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. There are Bible promises for every area of life. No matter what you might be facing, God has Bible promises for you to claim with hope in God.?
All the Promises of the Bible

All the Promises of the Bible

by Herbert Lockyer

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Promises You Can Stand On Through Thick and Thin The Bible is filled with hundreds of what the apostle Peter called "exceeding great and precious promises": definite, explicit declarations God has made that you can count on. In All the Promises of the Bible, Dr. Herbert Lockyer discusses the nature of God's promises--their substance * simplicity * surety * source * security * scope.;Lockyer's in-depth look at the scope of God's promises arranges them in categories that cover the full array of human concerns, from the spiritual to the material and the corporate to the personal. As you come to understand God's promises and how they apply to every aspect of your life, you'll gain a trust in God that will sustain you through the worst of times and be your source of rejoicing in the best.

Little Book of Big Bible Promises for Women

Little Book of Big Bible Promises for Women

by Alice Zillman Chapin

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This quick-reference collection of Bible promises and inspirational quotes centers on the special concerns of women. The book is organized topically, and each topic contains seven days' worth of content for either daily reading or occasional help and encouragement.

Bible Promises for You

Bible Promises for You
From the New International Version

by Zondervan

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This is a bestselling promise book, with a new cover and a new paper stock that is similar to a Bible stock. The content includes relevant topics for multiple audiences all drawn from the bestselling New International Version.


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