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Fourth in the 'Chronicles of the Brothers' saga

by Wendy Alec;

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A Pale Horse

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Presenting the eagerly anticipated fourth book in Wendy Alec’s Epic ‘Chronicles of Brothers Saga’: ‘A Pale Horse’.

This stage of the epic saga transports you to the year 2025. Taking you through the narrative of Revelation, this is the time of the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse - the Hooded Rider. Wielding his scythe as he rides into the The End Times.

This epic fantasy fiction series 'CHRONICLES OF BROTHERS' begins at the inception of time and traces three Archangel brothers, Michael, Gabriel and Lucifer through to Lucifer’s ultimate banishment with his fallen host. Lucifer takes on the characters of the worlds most powerful and rich people as he hides among the mortals to do his dark works. Only his  brothers who remain in the light can stop him.

Reasons to buy, read and give 'A Pale Horse' - 4th in the 'Chronicles of The Brothers' series:
•    Faith based novel for devotees of popular fantasy fiction genre
•    Gives you a gift to connect fantasy readers with Christian truth
•    Shows how Christian themes triumph over dark content novels
•    Acclaimed saga of doubt, demons and the victory of angelic warriors
•    Continuing the epic multi-volume battle of light against darkness

The Rapture is looming - closing in on the world and and one of 'The Brothers', Adrian De Vere, now controls the EU, NATO, the USA, and half of the world’s resources: precious oil and essential food. But his arch nemesis, once his closest friend and brother, Jason, is plotting his destruction.

In this exciting 4th book of Wendy Alec’s epic series, readers you can expect adventures in obsessive love, treason, demons, angelic warriors, and the struggle against an ancient evil that knows no bounds. Wendy Alec is the director of television and creative director of the leading global broadcasting network which she co-founded with her husband in 1995 – GOD TV. She is currently living in the UK, along with her husband, two children and dog.

This book, though late in the series, gives you a gift opportunity to connect secular fantasy readers with Christian truth through engaging fiction written to communicate the gospel to fans of the popular and growing genre.


Throughout history, Lucifer has been heavens favourite Prince, the devoted and gifted angel. Until Yehovah announced his praised creation, a creation unlike angels. A race created of a 300 billion DNA sequence that generate a human being. A new race is born. To Lucifer’s horror, Yehovah has included his own gene into the race. Why should they?

Jesus is about to be born which was Yehovah's plan to save the sins of the world by his own son. Lucifer realises that the star shining in the sky is a sign of Yehovah’s plan to save the Race of Men. Lucifer puts the Messiah to the test with 40 days and 40 nights of trial. Lucifer hopes to win the battle in this chilling, mouth-open-wide cliff hanger.

The Son of Perdition is a character-driven drama about three brothers from the inordinately wealthy Illuminati family, set against the backdrop of the Angelic and the vast landscape of the events in The Book of Revelation.

Fans of the Chronicles will be eager to know that this fourth book marks the halfway point in Wendy Alec’s epic saga of good and evil. The Chronicles of Brothers is expected to run to a 7 volume masterpiece, with the working titles of the following books rumoured to be:

•    BOOK FIVE – End of Days
•    BOOK SIX – War of the Ages
•    BOOK SEVEN – Lake of Fire

A Pale Horse by Wendy Alec was published by Warboys Publishing Ltd in November 2012 and is our 10809th best seller. The ISBN for A Pale Horse is 9780957149823.

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Publisher's Description

Long-awaited fourth in series! Wendy Alec’s epic ‘Chronicles Of Brothers’ saga continues. It is 2025, halfway through the tribulation. The fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse, the Hooded Rider, wields his scythe... the rapture draws near. Adrian De Vere now controls the European Union, NATO, the United Nations and half the world’s food and oil reserves. His elder brother, arch cynic and media mogul Jason De Vere, finds himself sucked into a dark supernatural world of demonised beings, Nephilim, Archangels and subterfuge. His deadliest enemy, once his closest friend and brother, is now systematically intent on his destruction. A timeless saga of Demons and Angelic Warriors, of obsessive love and treason. And of an ancient evil that knows no bounds...

Featured Video Transcript

“The dark imperial figure stood on a ragged outcrop beneath the towering granite slopes of Saint Michael's mound. His indigo cloak billowed in the violent gales that blew up from the raging winter storm of the English Channel. ‘Our father...,’ Lucifer murmured his soft cultured tones barely audible. A bolt of lightening flashed illuminating the soaring pyramidical mound crowned by its medieval castle. ‘Who art in heaven...’ The heaven's opened and a driving, lashing rain hammered down. Lucifer inhaled deeply and raised his hands in exhilaration to the darkening skies, six monstrous black serried wings rose behind him. ‘MY KINGDOM COME!’” “His will be done,’ a soft voice echoed from behind him. ‘Michael’, he murmured, his back to his brother. ‘You are late.’”

In Brief: Eden Video Transcript

‘Pale Horse’ is the fourth book in Wendy Alec’s fantasy series, ‘Chronicles of the Brothers’. Tracing the epic battles between Michael and his fallen brother, Lucifer, this is a tale of obsessive love, treason, demons, angelic warriors, and the struggle against an ancient evil that knows no bounds. As the apocalypse approaches, is there a power in earth or heaven equal to the looming destruction?’


For Previous Books in the Chronicles

“A plot that leaves the Da Vinci Code in the shade.” – G.P.Taylor, Bestselling Author.

“The Fall of Lucifer is among the best fiction I have read. This book grabbed my attention in the first few pages, and I was unable to turn away until I had read the final words … Alec is obviously a master of the fantasy genre.” – Jim McDonald, 1340 mag.com

“This is quite simply the best piece of thriller fiction I’ve read in a long time … This is a real page-turner and kept me gripped throughout.” – Clem Jackson, Christian Marketplace.

What Real Readers Have Said

“The lavish descriptions of Heaven, the universe and all the angelic hosts are captivating and the story centered around the breaking of the brotherhood between Gabriel, Michael and Lucifer is a really unique take on what could have happened before our world. Finally Christian readers have a fictional work to rival Harry Potter and the Inheritance Cycle (Eragon) series.” – Stuart Davies, I.T. Manager at Eden.co.uk

“Really enjoyed the whole of the book and am now reading it for the 3rd time, well written too!” - Housewife from Suffolk.”-  Review from Eden.co.uk
“The Chronicles get better and better… Son Of Perdition is a Must Read, I was gripped From Cover to Cover...Literally.” – Danny, Lover of Fantasy from Birmingham, review from Eden.co.uk

“If you like well written books you must give this a chance. I came across it by fluke and have since bought it for 3 of my friends. Please do not be put off by its religious theme. I am not and my friends who have read this are from no denomination to Muslim and they are all taken by it. This shows the skill of story writing when it transcends both heart and mind.” – RS, review from Eden.co.uk

“This series has me hook, line and sinker. I can't wait for book three and feel that I am actually involved in the story. It has gained my total attention and I must say the story, although slightly biblical, this does not detract from an Outstanding story. This will end up being a fabulous film, this I am sure of.” – Abbi J D, review from another retailer.

“Be prepared for your eyes to be opened and your thoughts and opinions challenged as you read this book!” – Winsome, review from another retailer.
“I quite literally could not put it down and read it from cover to cover in about 4 hours one evening.” – Jailbird, review from another retailer.


There have been plenty of objections to the whole idea of Christian fantasy  fiction, probably because of the tag ‘fantasy’. Perhaps a title less likely to provoke this reaction would be ‘fiction of the imagination’. But then isn't’ all fiction imaginary? The stories Jesus told are essentially fiction – a fiction made in God’s mind. The tales we tell our children – from Aesop to Grimm to Hans Christian Anderson to Disney , and dare we mention the name ‘Harry Potter?) are equally fictions of the mind – they are all fantasies. Fantasies are made real in the minds of the readers, and it’s here that meaning, relevance and application to life is also made real.

The stories of Jesus and of Aesop have obvious application and contain obvious truth, wisdom and application. But that’s only because we know how to read them. If they contained any falsehood or words and teachings out of tune with our knowledge and experience of God, we would spot them for the lies they were. And even in the stories of Disney, Blyton, Rowling, Pullman and G P Taylor if we spotted a falsehood we’d be quick to reject it no matter how good or popular the story. Though in a way, all stories deal with falsehood. There is always a misunderstanding, a lie, a misleading or a mistake that must be uncovered, fought against, defeated or resolved before the tale is done. Story tellers from ancient times have always known that this is the best way to test and prove the power of truth. This is just what happens in fantasy sagas like Wendy Alec’s ‘Chronicles of the Brothers’ and in this ‘Pale Horse’ novel.

The problem – and it’s more a feature than a problem, is that fantasy deals with the most profound misunderstandings, lies, misleadings and mistakes. It deals with the very source of real evil. This often means naming the root of that dark power – Satan himself. But in Christian fantasy, the source and power of real goodness, truth and grace is also named – God the creator spirit and father as revealed in the man Jesus, his son. Christian fantasy fiction brings this epic battle into the minds of its readers. It makes the differences between God and Satan real. In the minds of those who understand the language and imagery of fantasy fiction, the message is clear, the truth obvious and its application imperative.

Christian fantasy epics, like ‘Pale Horse’ and the other books in the ‘Chronicles of the Brothers’ series offer a direct route for taking the gospel and delivering it into the homes and hearts of fantasy fans. Christian fantasy fictions are not books about evil, they’re books about he fight against and ultimate defeat of evil in the name and power of Christ. Rather than reject the genre, Christian writers and givers of Christian books, should embrace the opportunity to deliver their message to a wide and growing audience. If there’s a fear that fantasy readers might not ‘get it’, the answer is not to hold back with the books, but to go forward with the real, living examples of Christian truth. To set before readers the example of Christians who claim and live out the principles promoted in the novels, who show the nature of Christ in their relationships, who know the power of God’s Word and who turn stories into faith into fact. – Les Ellison


Author and TV show host, Wendy Alec, is has written several books, including the epic fantasy series, Chronicles of Brothers. Along with her husband Rory Alec, she is the co-founder and Creative Director of GOD TV, and co-host of The Rory & Wendy Alec Show. Born in London, Alec grew up in Durban, South Africa and trained in speech and drama before finding work in the advertising industry in Johannesburg. First as a copywriter and then as the creative director of a TV production house, she went on to marry Rory Alec in 1987, and the couple moved to the UK in 1991. Alec has several screenplays for television having been coached Hollywood professionals. Talking about her media saturated life, she says, “I see words, I see images. As soon as I sit down to write my mind is invaded with visuals and I've been blown away by the thousands of readers that write saying they’ve actually been able to see the books as they turn the pages, just like they’re watching a movie.” In an interview, Alec said that she "had to ask God for permission to write The Fall of Lucifer and each part of the book.” She says that she is always was seeking God's approval on everything."

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